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This American Life:
Umbrella Up

Recognition: Nominated for Cheltenham Illustration Awards 2020

Role: Sequential Design
Programs: Adobe Photoshop
Umbrella Up is a podcast about the protest that happened in Hong Kong in the end of 2019. It introduces different perspectives from the people within. I thought the most interesting part of the podcast was the increasing tension. The different emotions and the powerful spirit of the speakers inspired me to focus my concept on this intense Tug of War in Hong Kong. 

My framing device is a metaphorical red line that guide us through the sequence. It becomes the ribbon that wraps around a rope in a moment of Tug of War to symbolize the intense push and pull from the people. Lastly, the red ribbon, becomes the mark on a timeline that reveals the conflict is happening in the present. I used a power of ten camera move to bring the audience into the conflict then transition to the overview of the timeline at the end.

Final Styleframes

In frame one, we begin in a moment of chaos & violence as a red line emerges from the crowd. The camera pulls back as we follow the red line to a street view showing the area which has been tainted by conflict. Pulling back further reveals a complex city map where we see the conflict is spreading. The intricate lines of the city transition to thin fibers of a rope as the red line curves and wraps itself around it.

The red line is now a ribbon tied firmly around a thick rope, clearly displaying the symbol of Hong Kong. The hands pull the flag from one side to the other in a fight for control. The tug of war represents the opposing views within Hong Kong as well as its uncertain future. Finally, the camera continues to pull back one last time. The rope becomes a timeline marking the three very important dates in Hong Kong and revealing the This American Life Logo. It gives a quiet ending to the sequence to juxtapose the chaotic opening.


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