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Collaboration with Summer Ahn

Roles: Concepting, Character and Environmental Design, Art Directing, 3D Modeling, Animation

Programs: Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Priemere 

Patagonia is a designer of outdoor clothing and gear for silent sports, while they make a huge contribution to the sustainable clothing industry. We are inspired to build a community to showcase the efforts and long-term dedication behind all the innovations.︎

The Story

In 60 seconds, we trace back the origin of clothing and how the knowledge passed from generation to generation. Patagonia takes the seed of knowledge and nourishes it to break the boundary of clothing history
The Idea
The challenge of this project is to think about an out-of-box story and execution to portray the brand. How can we bring more awareness through motion? To reinforce the evolution of clothing history, we reprised the caveman scene with how clothing was designed and made back then.︎

On the visual we want to not making it look so mechanic but giving a sense of humor and authenticity.︎

The Characters:

To drive home this idea of evolution, we made the characters, from the cavemen to the modern-day hiker, in different facial features and clothes but the same body base.

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