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Mid Century Home Brand Identity︎︎︎

Role: Brand Identity Design
Programs: Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop,
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects
In this rebrand, I aim to focus on introducing a modern visual system to Mid Century Home’s new identity, dissolving the boundaries between modern architectural research and the arts, and promoting the dissemination of architecture in collaboration with a large and varied network of entities.

The Logo︎︎︎
Following the Mid-Century Modern furniture characteristics, the new logo emphasizes the organic shapes and the idea of being clean and simple. Mid Century Home is in all cap Good Sans font as the curves from the letter mimic the turns of the M from the logo.

Content Posters: 

In this series, I focus on emphasizing the educational content and the beautiful silhouette of the furniture designed by the Eames and the Days. Allowing the posters to capture the viewer’s eyes.

Graphic Elements: The different patterns emphasize the shape of Mid-Century Modern designs and architectures. They also can be used as textures on the images or their own as decorative elements.

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