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Fujifilm Brand Identity︎︎︎

Role: Brand Identity Design
Programs: Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop,
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects
The goal is to redesign the entire visual system for Fujifilm, ensuring the identity matches closer with its core values; while establishing a more flexible logo mark for future application. I aim to bring a refreshing element into the company's culture, expand the range of target customers, and ensure the quality of the products.

The Logo︎︎︎
The rectangular shapes represent the moving pixel; in subtleness, it recalls the continuous contribution of Fuji to the photography industry. With this new identity system, Fujifilm is ready to present itself to a broader customer group with more refreshing visual language and a more confident corporate image.

Content Posters: 

In this series, I design the graphic element to convey a sense of movement captured on the camera—allowing the shapes to follow the image's actions and empowering the people's gestures in the pictures.

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